Benchmate vs. Zero Tolerance – Knife for women hunters

If you decide to daily carry folding knives or you have been thinking about upgrading your handy friend to something better, you must have been looking at both Zero Tolerance (whichever you prefer) and Benchmade (whichever specifically). And like most others people, after narrowing choices down to Zero Tolerance and Benchmade, you cannot choose between the two. – Check  best spyderco knives  for big discount –

There are some tribe’s opinions on both, honestly just to make your decision become harder to make but the product you get will be worth-it. Take a look of our comparison between Zero Tolerance and Benchmade to consider a more significant investment.

Zero Tolerance brand is in the same Kai family with Kershaw hunting knives and Shun cooking knives (all about knives). Especially, these Zero Tolerance babies are totally made in the USA although Kai is a major manufacturer and distributor of disposable razors, surgical tools, personal care products, and housewares in Japan. Years after years, Kai USA Ltd. has improved a lot, since their first Zero Tolerance line came up in 2006. According to – the original and largest online catalog of cutlery, Zero Tolerance Knives are some of the best tactical knives on the market nowadays. Reputation first comes from the name and then the products prove the reputation. Check the  best edc fix blade knife  , you can go out for hunting easily.

For thirty years, Benchmade has been designing and manufacturing world-class products which are claimed as being exceptional and better. As the brand’s promise, Benchmade knives have never made customers disappointed; these products keep exceeding what is expected with the goal of taking performance and reliability to the higher level.

Benchmade has been in the market for over thirty years, much longer than Zero Tolerance, so obviously there are more customers out there proudly say: “It’s not a knife. It’s my Benchmade”.


Benchmade choose premium steel for blades and pair them with aerospace-grade handle materials such as G10, carbon fiber, aluminum, titanium… And also there are these three significant Benchmade handle materials: dymondwood (a birch powder composite material backfilled with resin, which is much more resistant to environmental hardships than natural wood); grivory (an amorphous nylon copolymer with exceptional dimensional stability) and santophere (a thermoplastic elastomer that is molded to specification. It offers excellent flexibility with high tear strength and fatigue resistance. Resistance to many harsh chemicals. These features contribute to improved performance in a range of tough jobs).

Santophere by Benchmade special color

If weight and portability is a factor in your everyday carry, never discount Benchmade. Benchmade make a number of fine knives around 3 inch that may even be more suitable for your purposes of wearing/carrying light and easily than Zero Tolerance.

Benchmade 530S Serrated Locking Knife, extremely lightweight.

For more than 10 years on the market, Zero Tolerance has proved its steel quality to its customers.  It isn’t hard to find loyal customers over 10 years with their Zero Tolerance folding knives. For hard using (cut down cardboard boxes, cut sod, strip wire, etc.), Zero Tolerance complete every tasks and never let you down.

Zero Tolerance Knives are manufactured of premium materials such as S30V, S35VN, or CTS-204P blade steel and G-10, titanium, and carbon-fiber handle scales. On its main website, Zero Tolerance proudly “OVERBUILT”, and being described as a “real beast” by customers.

Zero Tolerance handy pocket knives

Both Benchmade and Zero Tolerance are up to every task, both provide assisted-opening technologies and even automatic line for demanding customers. Their kind of premium steel blade with premium-quality and professional mechanism make customers can depend on every single day. For every professional, from handy craft professionals to someone who is in the military and law enforcement, as well as other first responders, such as firefighters and emergency medical personnel, both brands claim theirs knives would meet the needs. Since on Benchmade website there are questions when it comes to the mechanism “The mechanics of opening and closing a knife are essential to its function. Is it easy to actuate? Can it be opened with one hand? Is it ambidextrous? Will it absolutely not fail when you need it the most?” and Benchmade offers eleven main mechanisms, in which there are still quite narrow options for customers who ask for liner locks. Zero Tolerance has so many liner/frame locks which make this brand become a strong competitive opponent opposite Benchmade.

Another plus point for Zero Tolerance is that they have more diverse models and good-looking designs. Clearly, Zero Tolerance is collecting more and more fan because of their wild and bold knives collections through their well-taken catalogs every new season.

Trust me, we got lost while looking in Zero Tolerance look book. Not only knives are useful, handy, well-made but also each one is a masterpiece that make you desire to have

Once again, your budget is what you are always concerned about. How much is your budget? Is the knife worth the money you pay for it? With more options and wider range of price, seems like Zero Tolerance is winning again.

Zero Tolerance ZT 0566 worth the price 170.6$

I will never go “bladeless” again

For more information, Zero Tolerance is based on Kai perfect customer service and shipping line, sometimes, customers tend to go with Zero Tolerance over Benchmade to feel more solid. Although Benchmade has its history, its shipping service is still being limited in the US and Canada.

Haven’t you made your decision yet? Do you want an assisted-opening system? Any considers about styles, weights? Do you need safe-locks? How much is your budget? What are your purposes of using? What is your professional? How much is the blade length and width? Answer all the questions during reading this articles, there would be some models from Zero Tolerance/Benchmade to consider/avoid! Good luck! Hope you will find your knife-mate soon!

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