Creative Business Cup 2014

CBC Jury, Prince Frederik, WinnersThe Jury

Creative entrepreneurs from all over the world gathered in Copenhagen last week for the 2014 “world-cup” for creative entrepreneurs.  Halla was on the international jury that faced the challenging job of choosing finalists out of a group of more than 50 truly inspiring entrepreneurs.  The winner was Professor Why from Poland.  The two founders are re-imagining education by involving users in a creative learning process in important areas such as chemistry, physics, and maths using modern technology like augmented reality.  This allows kids to have fun while learning these important subjects in a virtual and mobile lab.  The second place went to Gigi Bloks from Latvia. The husband-wife team used a creative process to make something extraordinary from something ordinary. They have shown great potential with a good product and neat design that allows kids to build large constructions out of “lego-like” and sturdy building blocks.  Third place went to PocketSky from Austria.  The founding team has shown great creativity in designing a product that can help millions affected by “winter blues” and jet lags.  H.R.H. Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark presented the awards to the winners.

A special CBC food innovation price was awarded to Original Unverpackt from Germany.  The female founders have already opened a supermarket that does away with packaging and by that addresses one of our most pressing environmental issues of too much waste.  The jury also awarded a special mention to young entrepreneurs from Kenya and Tunisia, both of whom are addressing pressing global challenges with creative entrepreneurial solutions.  It was truly an inspiring week in Copenhagen where entrepreneurs interested in building businesses but also in making a difference gathered in front of a high profile jury and quite frankly – blew their minds!


Ladies night at Nasdaq Copenhagen


On October 23rd 2014, Halla was a keynote speaker at an event organised by the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. There were about 250 women in attendance at this first event of its kind. Halla shared research about how women and men tend to invest differently and presented research that shows that companies with more women in the boardroom deliver higher returns.

Click here if you want to read about the event in Berlinske.

The Power of the Purse

At Sisters we believe women’s investable assets may very well be key to bringing about more sustainable economic growth. According to this study conducted by Sylvia Ann Hewlett and associates at the Center for Talent Innovation (, 66% of women in the US, UK, India, China, Hong Kong and Singapore identify themselves as the primary decision makers over household assets. Yet, the financial sector seems unable to serve or satisfy this fast growing asset base as 67% feel misunderstood by its advisors. Financial advisors should pay serious attention to the fact that 90% of the women in this survey say they want to make a positive impact on society and 77% of them want to invest in companies with diversity in leadership. Learn more by reading the executive summary of the report:

Harnessing The Power of the Purse – Executive Summary



Our Chair, Karin Forseke, wrote an article for the Telegraph. She warns against short-termism and encourages investors, politicians and leaders of companies to adjust expectations and demand different behaviours in order to achieve sustainable growth.

Link to Article

The Ted Talk

Halla spoke at Ted in 2010 about bringing “feminine values” into the financial service industry. One of the things Halla emphasizes in the talk is “I’m fed up with this tyranny of either/or choices in life — ‘either it’s men, or it’s women.’ We need to start embracing the beauty of balance.”

At Sisters Capital we embrace balance. We believe that better balance will be at the heart of achieving sustainable profits in this next phase of our economy.

Watch Halla’s Ted Talk here:

It’s not about CSR, it’s about changing how we do business

Ms. Indra Nooyi, Chairman and CEO of Pepsico was a special guest and keynote speaker in Iceland on November 1st, 2013, at the 100-year celebration of Olgerdin, Iceland´s Pepsico partner, where Halla was Vice-Chair from 2010 to 2013. Halla had the pleasure of conducting a Q&A session with Ms. Nooyi on stage at Iceland´s National Theater. Halla´s old Pepsi heart was truly moved and inspired by this leader, who consistently ranks among the most powerful women in the world, and runs Pepsico with the theme of Performance WITH Purpose. In Indra Nooyi´s own words,
“A responsible corporation…ought to focus on creating sustained value. That really means it generates wealth for shareholders – you can’t forget that. But it does not do so at the expense of society. The costs of doing business cannot and should not be pass.ed on to our communities. Nor should these costs be deferred to future generations.”

Halla and Indra Nooyi

Here’s a link to part of her speech, covered by the Icelandic press (first 20 seconds are in Icelandic):

Link to Indra Nooyi speech

“Smart money is in diversity”

Halla was quoted in an article in The National, an English-language publication from the United Arab Emirates, after she participated as a plenary speaker at the 2013 Clinton Global Initiative ( While the debate about the benefits of diversity continues, the evidence clearly shows that companies with diverse boards deliver a better bottom line. Isn’t that just good business?

Link to Article

Halla at the 2013 Clinton Global Initiative

The Clinton Global Initiative is an initiative established by President Bill Clinton in 2005 to bring together global leaders to discuss some of the most pressing challenges in the world. Halla was invited to join the 2013 Annual Meeting and to participate in a panel along with the CEO of Marriott Hotels, the Chairman of Qualcomm and the Minister of International Development and Cooperation in the UAE. The topic was “Women Decision-Makers in the Global Economy”.

Link to Clinton Global Initiative site

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