Our Values

We believe that a shared-value approach is increasingly demanded by new generations of employees, customers and even shareholders. Companies must pay attention to dramatic economic and societal changes driven in large part by a groundswell of forces such as the advent of the female economy, the maturing consumer base and the development of the Millennial generation. Market segments such as these have common needs and desires that should be well understood and catered to by companies on a quest to cultivate their loyal business. We believe that companies who wish to attract customers, employees and investors from these segments should emphasize:

Sustainability – Creating profit purposefully and not at the expense of people or the planet

Authenticity – Keeping things real and telling it like it is to earn and keep the trust of all stakeholders

Balance – Incorporating feminine values with masculine values in the way you work and measure your performance

These are the guiding principles of how we work at Sisters. This is how we inspire those we work with to work in order to take advantage of the incredible commercial opportunity inherent in the powerful demographic and social trends that are shaping our reality today and will increasingly shape our future.